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Datatech Labs Reviews

Below is a sample of reviews from our customers and what they are saying about our professional data recovery services. The greatest form of advertising is word of mouth and we pride ourselves with each data recovery testimonial we receive.

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★★★★★ Juile Sasseen - June 2012
In 2007, my 14 year old son was tragically killed in a car accident. At this point, the only thing I have left of him are memories and pictures. I never even thought about backing my computer up until about a month ago when my hard drive failed and I was unable to retrieve these precious pictures. I was literally sick with grief over losing these pictures. I don\'t know why I never thought about this to be quite honest. On the recommendation of my computer repair friends--- I sent my hard drive to DataTech Labs. Not only were they able to save each and every picture, they did it very quickly. Thank you DataTech from a very appreciative grieving mother. (By the way, my computer is now backed up!!)

★★★★★ Ginger - May 2012
I am so grateful for the top-notch customer service provided by your company! I knew I had to bite the bullet and recover my precious files on my hard drive, so I'm glad I found your professional services on line. I was disappointed to learn there was no longer a Tucson presence for your company, but you completely wowed me with your Repair Shop Software combined with the human element of Rickey's attention.

My data recovery need was the result of a "perfect storm" of circumstances—your expertise has literally restored two precious years of my daughter's son's life. You see, I had all the photos of my grandson from pre-birth to last December on my old computer. The computer started acting up so I knew it was time to off load some lower priority files and programs. I proceeded to delete a number of files & defrag to tidy things up. After defragging I still had insufficient memory, so I decided to go ahead and buy a new computer rather than an external hard drive to store the precious photos on. My son helped transfer files from the old hard drive to the new by physically installing the old drive into the new CPU. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the new computer and we had to restore its hard drive to original settings. That meant the files on the old computer's HD were still needed. Well, thinking we had all my data on the new PC, my daughter had taken the old computer and starting deleting profiles as well as many of my photos (not of the grandson). When we knew we needed those files again to populate the newly restored computer, she brought the computer back. While trying to transfer files to the new computer a second time, the old HD became corrupted and we needed data recovery services. And to add insult to injury, my precious grandson locked up my iPod Touch where I had my other pictures (and my entire music library) stored that daughter had already deleted from the old computer. The only thing I could do with that was again restore the iPod memory losing all that info!!

So here's the rest of the story. My daughter, the mother of my grandson, is a recovering drug & alcohol addict. The first year of her son's life is a blank in her memory because she was still using constantly. The second year of her son's life she was focused on recovery, so she has vague recollections of her son's life. Looking at the pictures from his first two years of life is the only way she knows her son during that time and can feel a part of his existence. Without those photos, that time would be lost. The little guy will be 4 years old in August so we're talking half his life would be lost to my daughter if not for those pictures.

Thank you again for your prompt and professional services. Your services aren't the cheapest around, but how can you put a price tag on restoring a mother's lost memory?

★★★★★ Shugabear - May 2012
DataTech Labs service has been spectacular! My external hard drive where I kept my entire electronic life crashed, but they were able to fully recover all my data...they keep me updated every step of the way on my tech problem and resolved it with ease! They were able to easily explain to me (a non-technical person) and they even finished much sooner than excpected!!! I highly recommend this company with 5 platinum stars!!

★★★★★ Owen - April 2012
Amazing. What are great jobs they do!!! They help me to retrieve all the data. They really save my life. Many thanks.

★★★★★ KarlaC69 - April 2012
Data tech's generosity and skills will touch lives beyond me! I am a Hospice Social Worker and a avid researcher and resource collector. I have been saving educational literature and community resource information to share with my terminally Ill patients and their families for the past 5 years on my memory stick. Recently, I accidentally damaged my memory stick and would have lost information that may contribute to the quality of life to my current patients as well as future patients. Without the generosity of the Data Tech lab, repairing my memory stick would have been beyond my financial means. The service was efficient and empathetic! Thank you Data Tech for your part in increasing "quality of life."

★★★★★ Dave - February 2012
I'm a professional Photographer and recently had lost all of the data from a card from one of my weddings. The absolute worst case scenario in our profession. DataTech was not only able to recover ALL of the data from the card, they did it within a day of receiving the card! The sent me and email and called me right away. It really was outstanding service. I never take the time to write these reviews. This is my first. I am very grateful for their wonderful work!

★★★★ Todd W. - February 2012
These guys saved my ass when my fiancee was finishing her last semester of grad school and the hard drive in her Powerbook died.

I can configure your variously-ancient-or-brand-new network gear all day long, but I don't know jack about fixing busted filesystems; after trying to recover data from the drive via several different systems/tools (variously BSD, Linux, Windows and even a Darwin box), I admitted defeat.  However, the effort was not to be abandoned, what with all the school-related files that were hidden somewhere in the bits; this is probably the only time in the 10 years I've known her that I saw my wife seriously threaten a computer with violence.

Face it: paying someone to recover your data is *never cheap*.  I shopped like mad around the Internet (for someplace to ship it) and around the Yellow Pages (for somewhere to drop it off), and Datatech Labs were by far the cheapest when it came to the initial bench fee (only $500, compared to the next-cheapest at almost twice that).  The customer service was excellent, with friendly and helpful engineers there to answer my inane questions about fixing drives.

The drive only had a logical issue, and they were able to recover 100% of the data without charging me for any extra time or hardware forensics; they have the capability to do much more, but thankfully I didn't need it.  I'd trust Datatech Labs to recover my data again, which is about the best thing I think you can say about someone in this business.  And cheap helps.  They only get 4 stars because I have no basis for comparison (and hopefully never will)

★★★★★ Penny J., San Francisco, CA - January 2012
In a moment of weakness (also known as laziness) I attempted to contact Geek Squad to fix a relatively minor problem I was having with my computer, figuring that through remote access they could quickly fix the problem while I had some free time. Instead, the "Agent" I worked with ended up creating problems with my computer rather than resolving them. Enter Bay Area Computer Solutions and Matt. Matt worked graciously on my computer for two and half hours attempting to resolve the mess that Geek Squad created.

I am certainly not a computer technician or expert, but I am also far from an unaware user and I can tell you that watching the Geek Squad technician work, I saw her do almost nothing I couldn't have done on my own - she remotely installed a few programs and attempted to run some anti-virus software. In fact, the only thing she did that I couldn't replicate was corrupting the partitions on my hard drive - but that's okay, I don't think I want to replicate that. On the other hand, watching Matt work via remote access was actually interesting because I knew was watching someone who truly knew what they were doing use a wide variety of different techniques to try to problem solve. And let me tell you, hours of watching your computer be remotely accessed by someone else combined with the level of frustration I had reached after getting into an actual argument with the Geek Squad agent, I was hard pressed to find just about anything interesting yet BACS and Matt's impeccable service were impressive enough to help me escape critical computer frustration/rage conditions.

Ultimately it became clear that the best solution was to restore my computer to factory settings but this conclusion was only reached after Matt exhausted all other options. BACS was also incredibly considerate in pricing given the amount of toiling they had to do and the amount of money I had just dished out to GeekSquad.

If I ever have a computer problem again, I know that they will be the first people I contact. Not only are the less expensive that lesser services, they are both dedicated and helpful.

★★★★★ MichaelG - January 2012
Fast, professional service was greatly appreciated during a time of extreme frustration over the potential loss of my data. Data tech labs did an amazing job recovering all of my data.

★★★★★ Heather - January 2012
This company is the real deal. Fabulous experience & so thankful to have found them! They were able to save precious photos and were wonderful to deal with. They explained everything to me in detail regarding the cause of my situation and the expectations I should have. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you so much Datatech Labs!!!

★★★★★ GL - January 2012
DataTech Labs are great - service and employees! They have recovered all my documents at a price I can afford - as a senior on limited income! When my hard drive died, the computer shop did not have recovery capability and recommended DataTech (so glad they did). It was devastating to think I could have lost years of pictures and records and I am happy that they could recover all those files. Thank you, Rickey Payne, for the good news today!

★★★★★ Chad - January 2012
Loved this place! Saved the day when the board fried on my HD holding 7 years of pictures of my kids. To even try to put a price on that is ridiculous, but these guys were very understanding of costs and with Christmas going on at the time...Rickey Payne was awesome in helping me get a payment plan put together to save Christmas and my pictures!

★★★★★ Phronsie - December 2011

THANK YOU ALL for your assistance and support in retrieving and recovering important data from my corrupt hard drive. Having very little experience in these matters, visiting "Best Buy Geek Squad and Frye's here in Las Vegas who told me that it was impossible to retrieve this data, I was feeling overwhelmed that years of information was lost forever. Seeing your website online was a welcome relief! From the first telephone conversation I had with Steven (in Colorado), he was kind and considerate, asked some very good questions, and then helped guide me through the first step of calling Outlet PC, to arrange meeting with David, their head computer tech; an email was sent to Outlet PC so that David knew I was on my way that same afternoon; impressive! Upon arriving at OutletPC, David reassured me that they would do everything possible to help retrieve my data, and gave informative, calm explanations as to the process and steps of data recovery in this situation; they were much appreciated! In less than 24 hours, I was given a quick response regarding the diagnostics (thank you Mike), and options for further recovery at Datatech Labs, Denver, CO. Each step of the process one of you called and informed me of where we were at in this data recovery; that is excellent customer service! I felt that you all cared a great deal about letting me know what was going on; the end result was that ALL of my precious data was retrievable, and again, saved and secured onto a very "user-friendly" portable back-up hard drive. The turn-around time on this recovery was 5 days; over a weekend! The telephone support services by both companies after receiving my data back were very much appreciated! With your help (and patience) Stephen, I was able to install all programs and data back onto my laptop, and it's working better than ever! Thanks again to all of you! We will tell friends and business associates of your superb computer diagnostics and data recovery services and wish you ALL continued success in helping others, as you so kindly helped us!

Warm personal regards, Phronsie

★★★★★ Simon T. - December 2011
Mike was awesome.  I called because my computer had gotten malware on it.  I called Bay Area Computer Solutions at 7pm on a Saturday night.  He picked it up and fixed int two hours and I had my computer by 10:30pm on Saturday.  He rocks!

★★★★★ Stephen - December 2011
Great Job! DataTech Labs was able to get my data back fast when I needed it most. Their friendly professional staff was eager to help and they kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. I will definitely refer them to anyone that needs Data Recovery in the Houston area.

★★★★★ Talia - December 2011
Customer service was excellent!! They took the time to explain what was going on with my hard drive..They called and emailed often to follow up...everything was recovered from my crashed hard drive! Would definitely recommend!

★★★★★ Peter - October 2011
I met Jeff Patrick several years ago when I started my first computer repair business and referred all my data recovery clients to the DataTech team.  They've always done excellent work and have successfully recovered data in over 90% of the jobs I've sent them.  Their staff is professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable.  I'm now with another IT consulting firm and we continue to use Jeff's company for all our data recovery needs.

★★★★★ TD - October 2011
DataTech Labs saved our summer memories! Our camera memory card failed and we lost an entire summer of memories. DataTech Labs quickly uncovered the problem and was able to retrieve all the photos. We were thrilled with the results and the customer service was excellent!

★★★★★ Michelle - October 2011
DataTech Labs were able to recover my data off my dead drive for a very reasonable price, which was much appreciated on a grad student's salary. My drive had suddenly stopped working one day and I took it into X big electronics company. I was devastated when they told me it would take more money than the entire computer was originally worth to get the data off. That was when I found DataTech Labs, and they saved me. Thank you DataTech Labs!

★★★★★ Yvonne - October 2011
Brought a hard drive in from Germany for data recovery (which had 3 computers worth of data, several book chapters and just about EVERY digital photo I've ever taken) in a serious time crunch and not only was given outstanding service by Ricky Payne but was able to get my drive back same day with 100% of the data recovered. I cannot even begin to tell you how relieving it was to be able to take everything home with me. DataTech Labs is an outstanding company with an exceptional service!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!!!

★★★★★ Cynthia W - September 2011

I wanted to share my positive experience working with Todd Stock on the home/office computer systems we use to run our Winery.  First of all, we had easy communication arranging a date and time.  Todd gave me very helpful advice for my Apple shopping trip, so that I would be fully prepared for our meeting. He then had the arduous task of replacing our router, our modem, setting up various printers wirelessly and getting everything to talk to each other in the best possible configuration for maximum user interface.  

Todd went beyond the call of duty, working in a full house with teenagers coming and going, a small dog that became enamored of Todd's minimal workspace.  He left us in excellent working order, and was able to tweak one last quick, but important detail by telephone.  He also took the time to show me many features of our computers that had not been apparent to me.

When computer difficulties  or changes arise, you just want a service that does what they set out to do.  This is one company that actually achieves that goal.

★★★★★ R. S. - August 2011
I needed help in converting my computer E-mail system so that I could use it with Microsoft exchange and synchronize with my cell phones.  This is quite a complicated process and Jeremy worked very hard to set up correctly.  Everything worked as promised when he was done so I'm quite pleased.

★★★★★ Google User - May 2011
Very good job, one of my servers went down with thousands of client files on it that we had to have in order to keep our business up and running. I called around for recovery and found DataTech. Their prices seemed to be better than everyone else, but in the end the service was much faster than I could have ever hoped for. Within 24 hours I had my data back, and my business was back on track! They were great, I would definitely recommend them.

★★★★★ Angela - May 2011
YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I can't express my gratitude enough. You saved me -- and all my data. Others said it would be impossible to recover the data from my hard drive, but you proved them wrong. Thanks again for your professionalism and your commitment to helping me through what looked like a huge disaster.

★★★★★ Djuna W. - May, 2011
I highly recommend Bay Area Computer Solutions.  They are honest, reliable and provide outstanding customer service.  We have bought several computers from them and the set up process was quick and easy.  The company says they operate 24/7 and that is true.  This past weekend I got a red blinking virus message on my computer.  I was panicked because I thought my computer was being infected.  I called the company on Saturday morning and they answered immediately.  They are like computer guardian angels.  I have recommended them to all my friends.

★★★★★ N02 - April 2011
Saved me It is not the best feeling in the world to have your hard drive crash and realize that all your photos, documents, and information that you should have backed up are long gone. So I thought, but after working with Andre and DataTech they were able to fully recover my seemingly lost data in a very short amount of time. Furthermore Andre worked with me to set up a back-up system so that this will not happen again. I could not have been happier with the experience and the result of my data recovery. I would recommend these guys to anyone who was in my situation.

★★★★★ ShenandoahCt - April 2011
Excellent local Data Recovery Company. We have brought DataTech Labs several difficult projects, among them a multi-partition RAID 0+1 consisting of 30 disks, many of which had sustained physical damage. All data has been successfully recovered. There seems no limit to their expertise; they have even recovered data from a 25 year old 8 bit Turbo XT.

★★★★★ John - April 2011
These guys turned a bad experience into a good one! -Very responsive to my needs - on the ball - and delivered exactly what they offered. Great to be back in business again. Thank You !!!

★★★★★ Owen - April 2011
Great service and very helpful Data Tech Labs is the best because they understand your problems and outline a solution. Then Data Tech Labs walks you through the recover process with updates. Finally, they sit you down and look at the files they have recovered for you. I found they had great communication and were very hospitable. I would recommend them for any data recovery!

★★★★★ Timeless Memories - March 2011

EXPERT OPINION everyone would like to have an expert opinion before making a decision. Here's mine. I have been in IT for many years and own several IT related companies. Data Tech Labs are the hands down, best ever, data recovery company. Best knowledge. Best communications. Best Service. Best Price. Best everything. Thank you for the work you did for us recently and thank you for going the extra mile by being a negotiator with the hard drive manufacturer. You did it all. I don't wish I had another failure, but I do wish [and will] use you guys forever.

★★★★★ Google User - March 2011

The Data Recovery Pros! Not too often that you encounter a resource that does what they say, when they say and at the right price. Well, DATATECH Labs out of Denver, CO is all that and more when it comes to data recovery. I would without hesitation refer this company to anyone who has suffered the disaster of a hard drive meltdown. Got my data back quickly and the DTL team was a delight to work with. Got all my data back and while I hope to never have to use them again, I'm keeping their info in a safe place just in case. These guys are the best!

★★★★★ Leonard - March 2011

Great Customer Service and Top Notch Work The service at DataTech Labs is first rate. My hard drive had a logical failure. I tried a bunch of things and none worked until I found DataTech Labs. I called Microsoft technical service, I called a local computer tech services company, I brought my PC to the local big box geek team, but none could find any data or any way to recover the data. The big box geek team took my hard drive out of the laptop, tried to read it, and said that the data was likely erased and it would be unlikely that I could recover anything. The next morning, I called DataTech Labs before their 8:00 a.m. opening time and Stephan answered and let me know that I could come in that day. They took the hard drive out of my laptop and determined that they could read data, and so recovery was probable. I left the disk with them and then next day they gave me recovered files, which recovered 99.99% of my data--gigabytes of information, all except a few files. Thank you DataTech Labs.

★★★★★ Martin - March 2011

Outstanding Professionals this is a top notch company providing great customer service! They were quick to respond to our problem, extremely fair on the price, and nothing but courteous and professional with every interaction. I highly recommend them for any of your tech needs!

★★★★★ Del - February 2011
Thank You Thank You I really appreciate the work that you have done. I teach school and my hard drive had gotten run over. (That's another story). All of my school files from the last 4 years where on that hard drive. They were able to recover all the files in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost! Thanks Datatech! I would recommend your business to anyone.

★★★★★ David - January 2011
Great Customer Service I had a fabulous experience with this company when we needed data recovery on our hard drive. I learned the hard way to always back up data. We took our Mac laptop to a store that specializes in Macs. They couldn't recover the data and then they sent us away from their store with someone else hard drive! They had recommended DataTech Labs. Once the first company figured out that they had made a mistake in sending out the wrong hard drive and made the switch, DataTech honored the original quote they gave us for the job, even though it should have been a lot more given that our hard drive was a lot more messed up. They did the work well and we now have all the photos, songs and documents that were on our computer. So they honored the original quote in spite of the error belonging to the other store. That is above and beyond any integrity that I know of! THANK YOU GUYS!

★★★★★ Rachel C. - January 2011
The Best of the Best DataTech Labs is the A-Team for data recovery. The employees were efficient, professional and friendly and they successfully recovered my data at a competitive price. The whole process was completed in-house within a week, and the engineer called me personally to keep me updated throughout the process. They are the best of the best, so don't bother taking your hard drive anywhere else!

★★★★★ Tim O. - January 2011
Lemonade from lemons I'm a tough customer: informed, savvy, and one with high expectations. DataTech Labs earned this thumbs up review by engaging me with a professional and conversational approach. They earned 5 stars because they actively took proactive steps to keep me informed (both telephone calls and email). Timely and succinct. When was the last time you hired someone and didn't have to hound them? Whew. DataTech rises far above the mediocrity we are accustomed to. You & your data are in good hands.

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